20 April 2010

2010 Bridal Walk

We had such a great time meeting all the 2010 and 2011 Brides. I came up with several seating chart ideas, that double as wedding favors, they also feature different color schemes. You will find several of them posted below (excuse the quality of the pictures, they came off my phone, but it will give you the idea).

You will find a few featured vendors:

Floral by Avant Floral
Photos by lonemanphotography
Cake by Elles Bells

All the favors were designed and created by... me:)

“Traditional Elegance”

Create a board with table numbers and the guests’ names in alphabetical order. Create the numbers out of bendy wire insert in the floral arrangement to mark tables for the guest.

“Hanging around”

Create name cards with table numbers, and hook them to baby clothes pins. There are several variations to display the clothespins and table cards; with wire around a tree trunk for an outdoor wedding, or on a string hung from two ends on the wall or from free standing post. Attach a clothespin to a stand and clip on the table number, and set on the tables for guests to find.

“When life serves you lemon’s, make lemon aide”

Cut out a leaf, put the guests name and table on the leaf, fold it in half and pin the leaf to the lemon. Display the lemons in alphabetical order, to make it easy for the guests to find.

Find another colorful fruit, place in a basket or a jar on the tables with table numbers.

“O the Place’s we will Go”- Luggage Tags

Cut out a cardstock tag, decorate any way you want. You can stay on the traveling theme, put names of cities, monuments or country’s on the front, which correspond to the tables. Create an address label for each guest to stick on the back. Insert an eyelet and run a chain through the hole and hang them on a board to display for the guests.

“Have your CAKE and take it too”

Two ways you can do this: First, setout boxes (clear or cardboard); leave them by the cake after the cutting for the guests to scoop up their own ‘take-home’ piece. For an added touch lay out personalized stickers for the guests to seal the box.

Or, you can have pre-made cupcakes or baby cakes and place them in a clear container, wrap it up with a pretty bow and a note, “Have your cake, and take it too”.

To double as seating arrangement: Place nametags on the boxes with their table assignment. Set a cake on each table and label with types of frosting.

“Spin me right round baby, right round”

Create a great Mix CD, with your favorite music and/or any songs that are special to your Wedding day, ie. Your first dance, father daughter dance, the ceremony music, etc.

You can display this in a number of ways, stick it in a plastic case, wrap it up, top it with a ribbon and a note; or you can print a fun modern print or your picture on a CD label, using a see-through protective paper or plastic case. Just be creative.

To double as seating arrangements, stick the guest name and table the CD case. On each table have a CD with a band name to get the guests to the proper seat.

"Love Grows"

Choose a plant that represents you as a couple, your favorite flower, or something to match your color scheme. Buy little pots and paint them to match your color scheme, use ribbon, buttons, rhinestones, to spice it up and then attach the words “Love Grows” for a clever touch.

Create a thank you tag with the guests name and table and stick it in the dirt. Put a pot with different flower nametags on each table, this will then get them to the proper seat and double as a fun take home gift.